Cancel Vehicle Registration


If insurance is to be canceled for any of the reasons listed below, you should cancel your vehicle registration BEFORE canceling your insurance. If you fail to cancel your vehicle registration timely you will be assessed a $25 lapse fee. If the $25 lapse fee is not paid within 30 days of the letter mailed to you by the Motor Vehicle Division, a $60 suspension fee will also be assessed, for a total of $85. If this $85 is not paid timely, suspension of vehicle registration will occur.

Valid reasons for canceling a registration are:

  • Vehicle is now registered in another state
  • Vehicle was sold or traded to a dealer
  • Vehicle was repossessed, stolen, wrecked, salvaged by insurance company or junked
  • Vehicle is not being operated because the vehicle is inoperable or stored and used seasonally for agricultural or other purposes
  • Military Personnel ONLY: Vehicle was stored during absence from the State of Georgia pursuant to military orders

You must come into our office to “voluntarily” cancel your registration or go online here. You will need to have your driver’s license and the vehicle tag number of the vehicle you are canceling.

If the vehicle is to be placed back into operation and you have established valid Georgia insurance coverage once again, you must visit our office or go online here to have the current vehicle registration reinstated. If the vehicle registration has since expired, you will need to renew the vehicle registration at that point.