Under authority granted by the Constitution, the General Assembly has provided for the taxation of standing timber. For tax purposes, standing timber is taxed only once following its harvest or sale. This is separate and apart from the underlying land.

The Revenue Commissioner is responsible each calendar year for providing the Board of Tax Assessors with the weighted average price paid in pounds, and measured volume of softwood and hardwood pulpwood, chip and saw logs, saw timber, poles and fuel wood.


Timber is assessed at 100% of its fair market value. It is subject to taxation even if the land underneath is exempt unless taxation has been prohibited by federal law or treaty.

For more information on timber assessment contact the Baldwin County Tax Assessor’s office at (478) 445-5300. You may also visit the Department of Revenue’s Local Government Services website.

Timber Harvest Permit

In Baldwin County, if timber is to be cut and sold you will need to contact:

Tax Assessor’s Office
Baldwin County Government Building
1601 N Columbia St Suite 120
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone: (478) 445-4205

Payment of Timber Tax

Timber tax is paid in the Tax Commissioner's Office. The basis of the tax is the full fair market value of the timber at the time of its sale or harvest. The tax is computed using the tax rate (millage rate) in effect for that particular jurisdiction for the preceding tax year.

Failure to report

Failure to make a report as required by law of harvested timber constitutes a lien against the property of the person responsible for payment of the tax and is collected in the same manner as any other unpaid ad valorem taxes, such as tax sale.